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Hints & Tips

Helpful advice to make computing a little bit easier:

Suddenly lost your internet connection?
Try unplugging and plugging back in the Wireless router.

Can I switch off my Wireless router when I am not using it?
Yes it will save power and helps maintain a healthy internet connection. Just switch it back on when you need it. Note it will take up to 2 minutes before it will be ready for use.

I have a dirty screen, what can I use to clean it with?
Use a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Make sure the cloth is completely clean and free from anything that could scratch the screen. Very gently wipe the screen. Do not apply pressure as this could break the screen.

Got Windows 8 but don't like the new Start screen?
Use programs like Classic shell, they allow you to have a start menu like Windows 7 etc. and it is completely free and reversible just uninstall it if you change your mind www.classicshell.net.

Did your new computer come with restore / installation discs?
If not is recommended you create them, instructions should have been supplied with the new computer. If you need help creating the restore discs visit the manufacturer website.